C300z Passive PA Speaker (each)

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Mackie´s C300 SR monitor is an unpowered loudspeaker with character and power.

For maximum sound dispersal, the C300 packs a studio quality horn assembly with multi cell aperature horn throat and large format exponential / conical high frequency horn mouth.

What this means to you is that your audience hears you loud and - most importantly - clear.

What´s more, the C300 special trapezoidal cabinet design means it can be set on the floor for use as a floor monitor.


  • 2 way portable composite sound reinforcement speaker
  • Passive
  • 12" (300 mm) long throw low frequency transducer
  • High output precision titanium compression driver
  • Studio quality maximum dispersion horn design
  • High SPL output / extremely low distortion
  • Servo feed back controlled woofer
  • Can be used as stage monitor
  • Asymmetrical trapezoidal cabinet
  • Ten built in hang points and built in pole mount socket
  • Weight balanced with 2 side handles & top handle for easy transport & setup
  • Rugged impact resistant molded enclosure
  • 300 watt power handling
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